Eleven years ago, my son set up a blog for his daughter,  I had access to it as well.

We would write just ordinary things that were going on in our lives, family events, fun stuff, photos, anything that we thought she might like to know.

At times I would sit and write and then stop and think why was I doing this?

Of course we were doing it hoping that one day our granddaughter would type her name in the computer and it would magically appear.

As the time went on it become an outlet for emotions, sadness that she wasn’t actually here to share things with us, but in a way kept her close.

Sitting at my computer, closing my eyes,  I could see her sitting in the Summer House at the bottom of the garden, gluing and sticking and glittering!

It was at this time that I started to write poems as well, I had never written a poem in my life, but again it was as though she could actually read them.

I have always suggested to grandparents to write blogs or journals for their grandchildren, to tell their stories.

Our grandchildren are entitled to know about our family history, it is their family history as well.

Grandparents are great storytellers.

The same applies to setting up a memory box, filling it with bits and bobs that have a meaning.

All of this is building up evidence, evidence that you have never forgotten them, that at every family event they are the person who is missing.

This becomes something very personal between you both.

If you haven’t already, or you are in the early stages of estrangement, please do set one up.

I now know that the point was, that our granddaughter was actually reading it, she did know what we were all up to, it was the evidence she needed, to know that she was loved and that whatever we were doing she was always in our hearts.

Setting up a blog is not difficult, there are plenty of ways to start.
Here is link to Blogspot https://www.blogger.com
Also Kindeo https://www.kindeo.com

There are many more.

So start writing.