The relationship between grandchildren and grandparents is nothing like a parent/child relationship.

People often say it is because you don’t have the responsibility, but actually I think as a grandparent the feeling of responsibility is enormous.

With your own children, when they are young, you know them so well, you know how they are going to react to almost every situation. When they are asleep you recognise every breath, every noise they make, as a grandparent you don’t.

I remember when my grandchild would stay here, I would stay awake all night just incase she woke up!

If I had done that with my own children I would be a complete wreck. Mind you there may be some who would say I am!

It has been said that grandparents are like a shady tree, there for protection if needed for the next generation. A special bond.

We have a wealth of knowledge, of times gone by, of family stories ect.

A book of life.

We can be there when things might be a bit tricky in grandchildren’s lives, maybe a grandchild can talk to their grandparent about things that they can’t talk to they parents about.

Grandparents of course have all the time in the world, they don’t have the pressures of parents in this pressurised society we now live in.

They have raised their family, they have been there and worn the T.Shirt.

Grandparents are a link to the past, the present and the future.

If grandparents are the tree, with their roots firmly planted in the ground, the fruits will be the grandchildren, enabling them to grow and flourish.

In families that are separated for whatever reason,  this unique relationship is prevented, at the detriment to the grandchildren and the grandparents.

Grandchildren, not knowing about their family history, of not having those special moments with their grandparents. Grandchildren denied the opportunity of building up their own memory banks, of special people who love them unconditionally.

They will question, why?