Raising awareness of Bristol Grandparents Support Group and the support it offers is very important.

Those of you who have made that first step in contacting us know how it has made a difference to you.

It is not the organisation but the people who are the members who have so much to offer.

We  link up grandparents all over the UK, and we run a befriending service.

I know from personal experience of running meetings for the last 8 years, that the one to one contact is so powerful. Sitting next to someone who understands completely what you are going through, talking through different things you can do , really is so helpful. Grandparents who come to meetings for the first time, feel nervous and apprehensive, not knowing  what to expect. When it is time to  leave they have their heads held high and are wearing a smile.

Grandparents look forward to the next meeting.

If you feel you would like to start a group in your area, please contact us.

We will come and see you and support you  along the way, it is not difficult and is a two way benefit, grandparents find somewhere they can unburden and share and as an organiser you will witness people discovering they are not alone,  you will watch the despair they felt melt away, and make life long friends, most importantly you can and will make a difference.

Email jane@bgsg.co.uk