Seeing out an old year always makes me feel sad, I suppose I look at all the things I was supposed to have done or the friends I was going to contact, and yet here I am still thinking must do it next year.

It is not helped when I get bombarded on social media with ads that tell me that if I am thinking of separation or divorce to go to such and such.

Says it all I suppose. Sad reflection on what is happening in our society.

I don’t believe in New Year resolutions, I can never keep them!

Maybe we need to have a daily commitment rather than year long resolutions?

A commitment to look after ourselves and those we are close to, to make every single day count, to be kind and compassionate, not to judge, to listen not talk, to let go of the negativity.

Of course there are many more things we can focus on, and everyone will have different thoughts.

The point is that we give ourselves targets that are attainable.

If we try to push to the limits we will end up disappointed and feel as though we have failed.

Self esteem gets beaten into the ground when we are trying to deal with estrangement in all its forms, we are constantly told we are useless, we were terrible parents, wicked in-laws, perpetrators attack wherever possible,  eventually you can begin to doubt yourself.

As I have said relentlessly, we can do nothing about others behaviour but we can be the ones who raise our self esteem to a higher level and rise above it.

Others can say what they like, but we know what the truth is, we know we did our best as parents, as in-laws, we admit we have failings, you would not be human if you were perfect.

A new year is a new beginning and it is up to us to embrace it and to look forward.

Many grandparents were reunited in 2015, and many more will be in 2016, I have no doubt.

Children who are alienated at present are growing up, another year for them to question to seek for the truth.

For me I would like 2016 to be the year of the children, the year when their voices are truly listened to, that adults who have the responsibility of being parents, really do start to put their children first.