How can we work though this?

Somedays it all seems to be too much, to much hurt and pain, thinking of the millions of children who find themselves in the middle of adult conflict. A place and a responsibly that no child should have to deal with.

Grandparents who are feeling life is not worth living, that they must be bad parents, that we all did something terrible.

Friends will say to us,’well you must have done something really bad for this to happen to you, or of course you can put this right.’ How we all wish we could, don’t others think we have tried.

Consequently, we can turn all of this heartbreak into revenge and anger.

We can use horrible negative language about family members, talk about the nice one or the nasty one or wish them bad karma.

Do I have to go down that road as well?

Of course somedays, I cry all the time, I am reminded of things that hurt and I just have to wait until those feelings subside, and they do.

I for one have to turn cr..  into compost.

I need to mix all the trash up and build up the heat to break down the rubbish until I am left with rich, good growing material.

Its miraculous what happens when we use good growing compost, things develop, grow and flourish.

We can be part of a movement of empathy and compassion, in opening our eyes and seeing the sun rise and just living.

Our family circumstances may not be as we had wanted, but they are what they are.

So today I am planting my compost with Spring bulbs and I will wait to see the wonder of them, after the long days of Winter, a new beginning.

I have personally had enough of the cr….

Time to recycle.