What a surprise this morning, I received an email saying that our blogs and website had been chosen by a group of panelists with ‘Feedspot’  https://blog.feedspot.com/grandparent_blogs/ to be amongst the top 50 grandparents websites and blogs.

Thanks go to  https://www.pixelsandthings.co.uk for the design and construction  of the website.

As far as my blogs are concerned, I just witter away about stuff, and astonishingly you read them, for which I am very grateful.

The aim is to, I hope, give support to those grandparents who are facing the distress of estrangement. Many grandparents contact us having found the website, if this place is of help to just one grandparent at a very difficult time then it is job done.

The importance of knowing you are not alone can not be underestimated.

Once BGSG is found that hand of friendship is offered, we hope we can walk beside one another, and continue with that support for as long as is necessary.

For me personally, over 10 years I have made life long friends.

It is those friends who  hold out that supporting hand. Together, we are Bristol Grandparents Support Group, reaching out to grandparents from one side of the UK to the other and beyond.

Thank you to everyone.