Well, we made it!

The months of building up to Christmas, Christmas time itself and then celebrations for a new year, Phew.

Then there is today.

For me this morning it is grey and pouring with rain, not exactly the sort of morning that fills you with get up and go, infact I think my get up and go has gone.

I know that every parent and grandparent denied contact with their children/grandchildren expel enormous amounts of energy just trying to keep going at this time of the year.

We somehow think that if we can at least get through Christmas then things will look and feel better, but they often don’t.

Many grandparents are feeling really low at this time, and are finding it difficult to find the strength to face the world.

That is why it is so important to give them support and to gently guide them through, towards the light, it is there but we have to work hard to reach it.

We think in January that the days will get longer and that makes us all feel better, and they are but very slowly, definitely here in Bristol it is not dark quite so early even though it feels like midnight getting up in the mornings, but it will happen.

Already in my garden the snowdrops are well and truly up, there are buds on all the shrubs and tress, just waiting, and I heard a wonderful dawn chorus as well, so I am not alone things are beginning to awaken.

It is true that we may get some bad weather for the next few months, but at least we are all on the right side of the year.

So pat yourselves on the back for surviving Christmas, and hang on as better days are on the way, with the help from others or by giving help to another we will all carry on.

We may not think so, but we really do have so much to be thankful and grateful for. We have homes, heat, water, food and we are safe, which is more than many people have.

I have the Dawn French book called, You, me and a diary, and I intend to write down something everyday that has made me smile.

What has made you smile today?