Earlier in the year, we decided to make a ‘tapestry’ of love for our grandchildren.

Not an original idea, but it seemed something that grandparents who wanted to, could get involved in.

The idea was to ask grandparents to sew, paint, write, their grandchildren’s names on fabric of a certain size and then I, who can’t sew to save my life would sew them altogether! It didn’t matter whether you could sew or not.

Gradually these wonderful little rectangles of love started arriving, each and every one has been done with such care, I even bled on mine!!!

As I am slowly sewing them all together, the emotion levels are high, as are the blisters on my finger.

Watching all of our grandchildren’s names sitting alongside almost holding each others hands is having a huge impact on me.

It focuses me back to the reason why BGSG was founded, it was to try and be a voice for the grandchildren, to put the children first.

I hope that when complete the ‘tapestry’ will be a permanent, visual symbol of our love for our grandchildren.

Thank you to all of you who have contributed, and to those who I know work is still in progress.