For those of you who have been going through the heartbreak of estrangement, for in some cases many years or even if you have recently been plunged into this ‘living bereavement’ we all felt totally alone at first.

This is absolutely not the case.

There are hundreds of thousands of families being torn apart by this.

As with any trauma we face, we are desperate to find out more about it and to seek help and reassurance from others who fully understand.

I don’t think we necessarily look for some ‘expert’ to tell us how we should be feeling or someone who will try to dig deep into what has gone wrong, we just need support.

I find it so sad, in particular with public forums,  that when we are reaching out for help in any way we can, that often people can become aggressive and hurtful.

An estranged grandparent might just ask a question from others in the same situation, only to be bombarded by some truly horrible responses. Of course on any public platform by the very nature of it being public there will always be those out to whip up a storm. What I never get is when grandparents turn on one another.

Surely, all estranged grandparents are feeling the same feelings, are feeling the same hurt, pain and distress, for them  to be publicly humiliated is unforgivable.

Of course emotions run high and it is easy to misunderstand the written word, but to kick the very people who are doing their best to be supportive, begs more questions than answers.

There are groups and organisations now all over the UK trying in any way they can to raise awareness on the effect estrangement is having on a whole generation of children, we should all be working together not necessarily for our own grandchildren but for the grandchildren of the future.

It is not about grandparents right but the rights of grandchildren and an ongoing relationship with their grandparents.