Many years ago, I suggested that grandparents wrote blogs to their grandchildren.

A place to ‘talk’ to them as though they were just next door.

Just a simple online diary really, recording family events, celebrating birthdays, Christmas and Easter, a way to connect with the precious people we lost.

Adding photos, bringing everything to life.

I know how hard it is, writing to an empty place, sometimes feeling it is pointless.

I can tell all of you now, that it is so far from pointless.

That potted history of everyday events, will be and is read by those we hope will find it.

Every single word is read, over and over again.

Pages are continuously looked at, it is a very poignant reminder that the grandchildren have never been forgotten, never stopped being loved, leaping out from the pages, they read every single word.

Never stop writing them, at some point they will find it, will discover the truth.

They will be able to paint their own picture of Gran and Grandad.

That picture of a holiday you have been on, that photo of you smiling is a constant reminder of who you are.

Next time you are sitting trying to think of what to write, remember how important those words are to a grandchild who has so many questions, you can help to provide some of the answers.

The blogs must never be a place for ‘having a go’ about their family, this is the place they can go to when looking for reassurance.

Our granddaughter found our blog, so I know yours will to.

Happy writing.