Sometimes we need to look to the children to show us the way.

The many thousands of children across the UK who have had to endure being apart from a parent or grandparent show amazing resilience.

As grandparents we always ask questions to ourselves, “Will they think we don’t love them anymore,” Will they forget me,” the list is endless, the truth is they never forget.

There are many lows but also highs when you run a support group and one is when you hear positive news about a young person.

A young person who is rising above it all, who is making plans for their future, someone who understands that they need an education to provide a new start for themselves.

They could have made the wrong decision, to have allowed their hurt,  pain and anger work against them. To have become so embroiled in adult conflict they could see nothing in the world for them.

Children are becoming adults very quickly and although they have been used as weapons against other family members, they are people in their own right. They have to find that inner strength to push forward, and build on their strengths.

The young people who are estranged from parents and grandparents have their own lives to lead they will not always be controlled by someone, they can and will be masters of their own destinies. The effort they put in now will effect the rest of their lives. A life where they will take an active role, and understand how valued they are.

When we go through such devastation, we have no self esteem, as children and adults, self esteem is vital.

If you are constantly told you are worthless it is easy to believe it.

Children and adults alike need to be the people we desire to be, not the person others want us to be.

We need to look to these young people, if they can forge ahead we owe it to them to do the same. To keep healthy and active until that precious day arrives for us to be reunited.

To all the young people,thank you for showing us the way to go.