You will have no doubt seen the press reports yesterday that allegedly HRH Prince Charles is having concerns about not seeing enough of his grandson, , if there is even a grain of truth in this report, how very sad.

For me, it is totally irrelevant whether it is a Prince or a pauper that is dealing with this heartbreak, whoever you are , you are all suffering in the same way.

Of course the Prince leads a very privileged life, but it is not a life I would want to live, he is still a human being just like us, he arrived in this world, just like us, and he will one day leave this world, just like us.

It is not for others to judge as to why this may be happening, it is not an opportunity to start the blame game, anymore than it is to judge every single grandparent who is hurting beyond words because they are not part of their grandchildrens lives.