When we are faced with the sadness that is estrangement it can feel as though we have been through a storm.

Usually when a forecast of a storm is given, we act accordingly.

We prepare to take the full force, we baton down the hatches, and we wait.

As we all know nobody warned us that a storm was coming, it suddenly came and left behind enormous damage, parts of us flung about, utter confusion and despair, broken hearted.

It feels like a life ship wreck.

Finally, we find that the power of the storm subsides, time to look around us and see what we can salvage?

Part of the ‘tidying up’ process needs to be looking to see how we can rebuild, to regain our self-esteem.

Sometimes you wonder how on earth you survived the onslaught, but we did. It is possible that the storm is still raging around the periphery but we did come out of it, somewhat battered and bruised and we aren’t the same person as we were before the tempest, but we have learnt a great deal about ourselves, our resilience.

Maybe after the storm we find serenity.