As we are going to see more groups setting up across the country this year under our umbrella, it is important to reiterate that each group will run independently and will not be affiliated to BGSG.

Each group will be run as those setting up see fit, so the planning, funding, events ect will be the responsibility of the group organisers.

BGSG will not be liable in any way for the actions or running of individual groups.

Our aim is and always will be to give support to grandparents who feel isolated and alone, be that at meetings, on the phone, email or Skype. And to continue with our befriending service and link ups.

Those grandparents that have contacted others in similar circumstances know how they have benefitted from that contact.

There is no charge for being a member of BGSG all that is required is compassion, care, empathy and never to judge. To be there for one another.