Running a support group is a real privilege and over the last 8 years I have made some amazing friends who I hope will be friends forever.

We all have a common denominator, a mutual understanding and empathy. The support and friendships that have blossomed with lots of members of BGSG is inspiring.

Thank you to all of you.

It is also important to remember that everything that is discussed within the group remains there, it is confidential unless I am given written permission to share.

Trust is an essential part of the group, grandparents who are going through so much pain, need to be able to trust everyone in the group.

As the founder of BGSG, I do get things said about me, horrible texts to the helpline, calls at 11pm , and lots more besides, when it happens it is very distressing indeed, yes it upsets me, and I just can not understand why?

Trust is a two way thing, you need to trust me and I need to be able to trust you.