A warning has been given about people uploading photos and videos on the internet. https://darkjustice.co.uk/detectives-issue-warning-to-snapchat-users/

It is something that I have raised before but it seems to be increasing all over social media.

I visit many websites and FB groups, the increase in groups particularly on FB is extraordinary.

Of course most are perfectly genuine, but I watch how the member numbers increase and in some groups they are increasing by hundreds in a day.

Members of these groups post photographs and videos of their grandchildren and there is absolutely no way of stopping anyone copying and using those pictures for anything, we have no control over this sort of thing.

Although I write all the time about it, no-one seems to take it seriously.

Even if these groups are closed groups, anyone can ask to join and it is impossible to be totally sure they are all genuinely estranged grandparents.

It is perfectly natural that grandparents want to share these beautiful pictures but I am sure they would not want to find those very same pictures elsewhere.

The internet and social media is a wonderful thing in being able to bring people together particularly people who are looking for support, but there is also a very dark side.

Please think twice before sharing your precious pictures, keep them in your safe hands and hearts not in the public arena.