According to the cost of family breakdown is £48 billion (report from 2016) that equates to £1,820 per taxpayer a year, and it’s rising.

Obviously in no way does that figure shown the enormous emotional cost to families who are going through the heartbreak of a family breakdown, you can’t evaluate the human cost.

It is time that government recognise the importance of good relationship, that they provide stability, general well-being and happiness.

We all know that the numbers of people feeling lonely and isolated have soared.

Relationship breakdown plays its part in that, many hundreds of thousands, probably millions of people going home to an empty place, shutting the door only to hear silence. No one to listen to them, no one to have a laugh with, no one to make a cup of tea for. No one to care.

We all need to be needed, it is a fundamental need.

As a society, we are witnessing the family being lost, the chances of children growing up with both parents is becoming less and less. It has become the norm to  live with one parent, and in many cases, not having any contact at all with the other parent, we must not underestimate the emotional cost on our young people.

If government won’t sit up and take notice on the emotional side of family breakdown, then perhaps they aught to look at the financial cost to the country, and it is only going to get worse.

What is it people say,’hit them in the purse,’ well the figures are there, figures don’t lie.

The importance of family has to go right up to the top of the agenda, society is poorer as a result of the increases in family breakdown, both financially and emotionally.

We have to educate the little ones on how important family is, and to build in them the responsibility of putting children first in their relationships.

Something has to happen, and soon, or society will breakdown itself.