You will know that we have a Christmas tree in our front garden every year, which becomes covered in loving  messages from grandparents all over the  world, to their grandchildren.

A couple of years ago, one very dark Sunday afternoon, the door bell rang, when I answered it I was faced with two beaming smiles, two children with their wooly hats and gloves on all wrapped up and cosy.

In their hands they were holding two bright orange Christingle candles that they had just made at their Christingle service at church.

One of the girls said,” Hello, we wanted to give you our candles, they are for all the grandchildren who won’t be spending time with their grandchildren this year, and please can we write a message for your tree?”

I didn’t know these two messengers of love, I had never seen them before, but here they were, bringing with them this symbol of light and love.

Just recalling that moment brings tears flowing.

They continued to come and write their messages for several years, they have now moved to another area, but I will never ever forget that act of kindness.

Maybe a lesson for us all.

Being kind to someone is so easy, it takes moments and yet captures a memory that lives on forever.

Maybe you could be part of building up a wonderful memory today for someone?