Yesterday my son popped in with a large brown envelope under his arm, it is something that happens at this time of the year.

His daughters, our granddaughters school report, had arrived.

As always it is a really good report and predicted grades for forthcoming exams are brilliant, we are all so proud of her achievements.

One small problem of course,she doesn’t know how proud we all are of her.

As was said today, how lucky we are to even know that she is doing well at school, and I suppose we should think that way.

For eight years we have all sat and read words written by people who know our granddaughter better than we do, more importantly better than her Dad now knows her.

I will never be able to put into words how that makes me feel as a Mum.

All we ever want for our children is for them to be happy and healthy, knowing the enormous sadness that my son holds in his heart is truly heartbreaking and I am helpless to make the pain go away.

Contained in an A4 brown envelope is 12 months of observations on a daughter and granddaughter, words that show she is already making her mark on her world, one day I pray we will be able to tell her how proud we are of her.