Without exception receiving a letter from a solicitor makes your pulse race and heart beat fast, it is easy to go into a blind panic. So take some deep breathes and don’t have a ‘knee jerk’ reaction.

Of course I am talking about letters written on behalf of estranged family members, remember that solicitors are only interested in what their client is saying to them, and they can be written in what comes across as a threatening way.

It appears that there has been an increase in online, claim direct type  organisations. Everything is done online, no face to face contact.

It may well be a letter accusing you of harassment for sending a birthday card to your grandchild, and suggesting that if you continue you will be served with a non molestation order.

These letters are written to scare and to worry you.

In all of this confusion we still try and think rationally but we must remember that the other party is behaving in an irrational way so we will not understand it. Trying to, gets us nowhere.

A grandparent who found themselves in this situation, was told by their solicitor that ignoring it is the best way to deal with it, as long as you don’t antagonise the situation. If you respond it starts a sort of ‘ping pong’ reaction of letters all incurring costs.

If in any doubt do seek professional advice from a family law lawyer. I am not a legal expert. Just my thoughts and experiences of others.