A tear drop, a story in each one

Stories of sadness of hurt and pain

Just a tear drop, sliding down our faces.

What have we done to feel so empty,

We are Mums and Dads and Grandparents,

How have we got ourselves in this place of desolation,

All we desire is a hug, a kiss the love of family,

Is that now unreachable?

Our children, disown us, bad mouth us,

All we did was to try our best, was it never enough?

Families at war, throwing grenades at each other

Using the children as their weapons,

Time to put down your hate, to look to yourself,

We don’t deserve this, the children don’t deserve this.

Does it make you happy to see us hurting?

As a child we picked you up when you fell

We hugged you when you cried,

It was us who wiped away your tears

Who will wipe the tears that we shed?

Our friends will.


Jane (Rights reserved March 2015.)