7: Work towards peace of mind.

We need to look at ways to enhance our lives. Think about what you want from life even without the ‘precious other’ missing from your life at the moment. Is it through art? Physical activity? Exploring the natural world? Helping others? Extending your horizons through travel or further education?

Strengthen yourself, to increase honesty, awareness, to improve your mood and promote well-being. Support and help others, develop your compassion and lessen self-centeredness, communicate with others. You have skills and strengths to be shared if you would like to. Volunteering services value older volunteers, it’s worth an internet search to see what might be interesting in your area.


Congratulate yourself if you have reached this stage! Enjoy life!


If you have found the Mindfulness practices useful, here are some links to learn a bit more.

Scientific evidence:


Practical ideas:


TED talk:


An eight week Mindfulness course helps some people.

There are many books on the subject! How about this one?



A huge thank you to Amanda Jones BACP for her help, support and wisdom to guide me through this “I will survive” plan.