5: To allow any guilt, resentment and shame to dissolve.

When these feelings arise we need to think of positive statements, such as, “I am ok” or perhaps a song that has a positive message as in the title of this plan, “I will survive.” Sing it at the top of your voice if you want to! If it doesn’t work the first time, do it again!


In a nutshell– Encourage positive thoughts in any way you can. It may be hard at first, but will get easier.


6: Begin to make changes; if we can develop self-acceptance, it is the key to change. It takes practice! Don’t expect it to happen straight away. You will have bad days, it’s allowed, practice forgiving yourself, remember the puppy!

Notice good things that happen. Keep a log of things which have lifted your spirits: the birds singing, the smell of coffee or bread baking in the oven. It is the simple things that are so wonderful. Look up to the sky not down to the ground. Remind yourself it is ok to be happy sometimes, this is another choice. On bad days, look at the log. On good days, write something to inspire you on the bad days.

In a nutshellLook for positive things outside yourself and let them in!