All too often I write about sadness and despair, the heartbreak of grandparents who find themselves estranged from a son/daughter and their grandchildren.

I constantly say how we must not give up hope, and I know people find that very difficult, to hang on to hope is oh so hard.

The reason I believe in hope is that I do talk to grandparents who have been reunited with their family, but for very obvious reasons they don’t want to share it, as they still live everyday afraid that it could happen again.

I am so grateful to the grandparents who have written to me to say they would like to share this with you.

“Terrified under my happiness, that’s the emotions I’m feeling.. Still strong feelings. I thought I would feel differently apart from ecstatic we’ve got my flesh and blood back in our lives,our daughter and grandson.. I’m still walking on eggshells waiting for something I say or do wrong so she can take her power over us away again. We were driving ourselves mad overthinking things before they even happened so we came to the conclusion to just enjoy every minute of our time with them. We had to let things go! And move on.. Scared to death wasn’t an option we weren’t enjoying our time together. We couldn’t dwell on the stages and celebrations we’ve missed out on.
We’re making new ones now making up for the times we missed. Words can’t explain how it feels, it’s a big emotion a better one, not the grieving angry confused heart broken ones we had.”

I absolutely agree with this grandparent, when they say it is no good thinking of all the times they have missed, they are making new memories right now and in the days ahead.

Thank you so much for allowing me to share this with others,  a positive outcome from all that previous negativity.

When you find yourselves in a similar position, don’t go back, don’t dig up old problems, they are in the past and need to stay there. Treat this day as the new day it is, and embrace the future with both hands.

Bless you all.