Whether we like it or not, social media and the internet are here to stay, no going back.

I for one could not reach out to so many people if it was not for the internet, but people must be cautious.

Over and over again I see forums where alienated grandparents continually think it is ok to bad mouth other family members, to refer to a nice son or the nasty one, it doesn’t matter how many times they are warned they still do it.

I discovered a site today that has a complete history of the families concerned, their names where they live, copies of all legal letters, judgements you name its all there.

What on earth are people doing?

It is wrong on so many levels.

Firstly, if you are involved in a court case and you are on a forum or site that is in the public domain you are asking for trouble, solicitors are now using such things in evidence.

If someone is prepared to write horrible stuff about family members, be it true or not, is decidedly unhelpful. To put it mildly.

Most important of all, if and when your grandchildren are older enough to read these things, what does it say about you?

Is it setting a good example, is it a good role model?

Grandparents who find themselves in this heartbreaking situation should not be stooping to other peoples level, in scoring points.

Having spent nearly 8 years supporting grandparents and working hard to raise awareness it makes me despair, it puts the rights of grandchildren back years.

I understand the anger, the pain, the hurt but this is not the way forward, in my opinion.

Please remember that blogs and websites are seen by all.