Life is amazing, and we should never forget it.

It is a precious gift given to us and we must live life to the full, today the sun has shone all day with clear beautiful, blue Autumnal skies.

As long as we know we do our very best, and that we try to help others we can be at peace with ourselves, whatever people throw at us.

Just when things  are bad, something wonderful always seems to happen.

Today someone has been extraordinarily generous and donated to BGSG. They say the group means a great deal to them and has helped them get through some very dark days.

When I hear that ,it just reinforces the whole ethos of BGSG, a group of people who have come together after such sadness but who are making an enormous difference to others in the same situation. People who are really making a difference and enhancing the lives of those they come in contact with.

Thank you.