Today is Parental Alienation Day, it is just one day.

For those who are going through estrangement or alienation from their grandchildren, we don’t actually need a specific day as we face it every single day of our lives.

Grandparents who are going through torment and the most darkest of days.

In many cases it is their own adult children who have made the choice to hurt them in such a way.

In my view in an inhuman way.

Ok, so you may not get on, but no-one has the right to inflict such hurt that grandparents don’t know how to go on. Do adult children really hate their parents that much? Do adult children do everything in their power to try and get their parents imprisoned for trying to see their grandchildren?

I make no apologies for continually saying the same thing, but maybe I think if I write it enough someone will care.

At the moment no-one does care, unless it happens to them.

Well I care.

I care that I am living in a society that appears to have no family values anymore, a society that won’t listen, a society that believes it is OK for children to be used as weapons and to turn a blind eye.

Grandchildren who, love their grandparents, grandchildren who want to spend time with their grandparents and to be loved by their grandparents. Grandchildren who find themselves being told that they are not allowed to speak to their grandparents as they are bad people.

To anyone who is behaving in this inhuman way,needs to recognise that when children discover, and they do, that they have been lied to, that they have been kept apart from their grandparents just because their parent has issues, the children turn away from them.

We don’t own our children or our grandchildren, children are individual people in their own right, they make their own choices when they can.

Hate is a disgusting word, but this kid of behaviour is hateful.

So on this Parental Alienation Day, don’t just give it a glancing thought today, remember it is everyday for us.