Before I write this blog, I need to say that these blogs are written by me and are therefore personal blogs, and my personal musings.

(Apologies to anyone who might be offended that I am writing about the EU result.)

I can not let last weeks result in the referendum pass without commenting, it was a monumental decision which will have far reaching consequences.

You will all be aware of reactions from the younger generation on the result, and their genuine fear for their future and their children’s future. Many youngsters are blaming our generation and I happen to agree with them.

How are they supposed to react when they see someone in their late 80’s saying, “I have my country back.”

I don’t even understand what on earth that means.

It is everyones country, all generations, all creeds and all cultures?

A country where we can agree to disagree and a country where we respect everyone.

We are now faced with years of uncertainty, no-one has any idea of what will happen but if the past few days are anything to go by, I am deeply concerned.

At a time when we should all be pulling together and working together the opposite is happening, and above all else we are seeing a rise in reported ‘hate’ crimes, something I never thought I would witness again. Families are being subjected to the most awful abuse, letters through their doors, abuse being shouted and them, children fearful to go to school. Racist language being used, how can this be happening?

We must not allow intolerance such as this to develop, I don’t ever want my grandchildren growing up in an intolerant society.