In  1916  a little girl arrived on this wonderful planet of ours.

She had three sisters and they grew up in Bristol.

This little girl grew up to be the most wonderful person I have ever had the privilege to know.

She was my Mum.

Today would have been her birthday, a day for remembering and to being so thankful to have been her daughter.

Her family meant everything to her, everything she did was for us all, even when things were difficult and my Dad left, my brother and myself always came first. She was my role model, she taught me all the values I hold today, she taught me how to not put myself first, to realise that my actions affect others.

She taught me how life is precious and that we need to embrace all that it has to offer, that includes when things go wrong,it is how we deal with those hurdles that makes us who we are.

My Mum was everyones Mum, she always had time to sit and chat, her wisdom has helped many in the past.

Even when she knew that she was not going to be around for much longer, her only concern was for us, in all the suffering she had to endure over the years, not once did she complain. She left us in 1992, feels like yesterday.

Her laughter and wicked sense of humour, is all around me, everyday.

So Happy Birthday Mum, wherever you may be, one thing that I do know for certain is that you live on in your children and your grandchildren and now your great grandchildren.

Thank you for being you.

Jane xx