Everyone knows that relationships are incredibly  difficult, no-one gets it totally right, all we can do is to work at it constantly.

For me the biggest thing of all, is to respect one another. A word that seems to have been forgotten in recent years.

The definitions of respect are varied but include, appreciation,approval,consideration,courtesy, cherish and value. Certainly I was brought up to respect people, I was taught to appreciate the differences of human beings, and that I may not like everyone but I would always respect their views even if they were not the same as mine.

I was speaking to a young mum yesterday who told me that although she does not get on 100% with her in-laws, the relationship they have with her children is so valuable that she would never jeopardise that in any way. So she really is putting the “best interests of her children,” first. That unique relationship that grandparents have with their grandchildren is so, so special.

As with all relationships it has to be a mutual respect, grandparents need to allow their adult children to bring up their children in their own way, to allow them to make mistakes, just like we did. To give support when asked, not to judge, not to undermine them, and above all, my now well known mantra,” think your own thoughts, never speak them.”

When we respect our differences and open our ears to listening to someone else’s point of view, we can also learn. I don’t want to become so entrenched by my own thoughts that I am not willing to change a point of view.

Perhaps if we can look at life through the eyes of children, children that we once were, eyes and minds that are open to everything, eyes and minds that look at life with wonder, with excitement would we able to be at peace with ourselves and others?

I know people will say, how can we possibly think that way, when we have been hurt so much, well that is of course very hard, but we can’t change the past but we can look to the future, we can be thankful for everything around us.

The next time you are ¬†talking to someone who thinks differently from you, don’t forget to respect that point of view, and agree to disagree.

A mutual respect.