Merry Christmas darling,

Candles alight across the world

For children apart from a parent or grandparent,

No Christmas hugs or kisses,

Miles away but the same star is shining above us all,

Look up and see the beacon of light,

Tears will fall, every tear drop one of love and loss.

Wondering, just wondering,

Are you happy, are you safe?

Remember your dreams, never lose sight of them

They are just a step away, reach out and hold on tight.

Never believe you have been forgotten,

Each of us hold you in our hearts, we close our eyes and hold you close.

If we painted the colours of our love, it would be a rainbow

An ever reaching arc with no beginning and no end.

Remember darling, you are not alone,

We are all here, ready with arms open wide,

Don’t forget, just look up and see the star.

Merry Christmas Darling.

© Jane Jackson(Rights reserved 2016)