As we begin the long run up to a general election it is good time to write to MP’s ect, in raising awareness of the rights of grandchildren.

They will be knocking on your door wanting your vote, there are over 14 million grandparents in the UK so your vote is important.

Almost every grandparent I talk to say things like, ” There needs to be change in the law,” “Grandparents should have rights.” ect, so although those of you who know me and the members of BGSG will know we always try to move away from the phrase grandparents rights, this is about the grandchildren and their rights.

It is about the life long affect it can have on grandchildren.

So it is your turn to use your voices, let me know why you think does there needs to be a change in the law, and what that change needs to be.

2015 is a new year, a new start so lets work together to continue to raise awareness on the issues of denied contact.

You can either email me or go to the FB page and leave comments, remember that page is a public one, so can be seen by everyone.