As a society we are facing increasing numbers of people who feel lonely, it can be as a result of so many things.

This week are launching loneliness awareness week.

There are many people who face another day on their own, they can go for days without having any human contact at all.

Of course family breakdown is one reason that people find themselves alone, but loneliness  can happen to anyone at any age.

In a world of social media and virtual friends many young people find it difficult in making true friendships.

I believe that it is incumbent on each and everyone of us to start that conversation, to smile at strangers to bring a little bit of happiness to others.

We can get so wrapped up in our own problems that we can’t see beyond our own four walls.

The good thing is that by making an effort, by making that difference to someone else, makes us feel better about ourselves too.

Recently I was walking down to the shops and I just smiled at a gentleman walking past and he stopped me and said,” thank you for your smile, I haven’t received one for a long time.” Did I walk a little brighter for the rest of the day? Yes I did.

The world is moving at a fast pace and we are all running to try and keep up, why bother. The world will continue whether we run or just take it slowly, taking notice of other people.

We all can make someones life better, smiles are free.

Who will you share one with today?

The Marmalade Trust are challenging loneliness “one spoonful at a time.”