Hearing that a grandparent has been reunited with their grandchildren is so wonderful.

When I have supported people for months sometimes years to receive that phone call is very special, and such a privilege to be the first person to know.

The tears that fall are very different from the tears that have previously been shed, tears of utter joy.

There is nothing quite like it.

It really does make my heart sing.

Grandparents who have been at the depths of despair, questioning what they did wrong, believing that their life is no longer worth living, suddenly are given fresh hope.

Hope of being able to be part of their grandchildren’s lives to be able to give support when asked, to be able to impart knowledge of life, is just wonderful. To share their family history and all those stories.

It is all they have ever wanted.

I share in those tears of joy, it is what everyone wants to hear.

For those grandparents who are embarking on this new chapter, it is a new chapter. It is not about racking up the past, those times have gone.

Hope is about knowing that there are better things to come.