There appears to be an increasing problem that keeps being brought to my attention.

Grandchildren being put into foster care and put up for adoption, in some cases the grandparents are not informed and know nothing about it until it is too late.

One grandparent discovered that her granddaughter had been in foster care and when she contacted the relevant department was told that in fact the little girl had been adopted two years ago.

At no time Social Services tried to contact the grandparents.

When we were attending consultation on the Family Justice Reforms, and the issue of adoption was discussed, without question the bodies responsible agreed that when a child was under consideration for adoption family members would be consulted and given the opportunity to undergo assessments to see if they could be considered.

From what I hear, over and over again this is not the reality.

Daily grandparents are finding themselves trying to find out what the situation is and are often treated in an appalling manner.

One thing that is clear is that there is very little support and help.

Surely, children should be able to continue their family relationships, unless proven it is not appropriate.

Grandparents are being left devastated and facing letterbox contact.

I wonder in years to come how many children will be asking why they couldn’t have been with their grandparents.