10 years on.

Can it really be 10 years since I last heard your voice?

A voice that is forever in my memory

The way you giggled, no cares or worries

Just a little girl of 7.

So much time has past now, so much has happened to us all

People we have loved no longer here, new people in our lives

We all have gone off in different directions

Here, there and everywhere.

New places, new homes, enlarging families

Nothing ever lasts forever, just a time and a place

The here and now.

Once we were one family, now we are strangers

Our lives have moved on, not as we expected

But then life is not like that,

Situations change, things we felt certain of, become an uncertainty.

We can not see what lies ahead, who may return to us

One thing that is for sure

Memories of those first 7 years etched in our hearts

Nothing or no-one can erase them

Always with us, walking by your side.

That laughter, those twinkling blue eyes

Like the bud of a flower, just waiting to bloom.

Fill the world with your kindness and care

Spread your zest for life

Live every precious moment.

Life is short and is gone in the wink of an eye.

Make sure, dear girl, that you make a difference.

Jane JacksonĀ© March 2017