Is the epidemic of family breakdown in the UK partly responsible for many people feeling isolated and alone?

I believe it is.

I know it always a dangerous thing to talk about, how things used to be, but  it is a fact that in years gone by family was really important and  families pulled together. The grandparents of the family were respected and were valued.

All too often that is no longer the case, and I would say our society as a whole is the poorer for it.

Without exception when grandparents contact us they say they feel isolated and alone, particularly those who live alone.

A time when they had hoped that they would be surrounded by their family the opposite has happened and they find themselves totally alone.

It is a very sad reflection that we have 24/7 helplines answering calls from ever increasing numbers of lonely people. Thank goodness they are there for those who have no one to talk to, maybe in the middle of the night. A life line to many.

So if you are feeling isolated and alone what can you do?

Try to keep busy, find something you can do, maybe to help others, feeling needed is a fundamental human need.

It is easy when you feel this way for your self-esteem to be low, so think about something you know you are good at and build on it. Maybe you are an artist, a musician, a poet, an actor to name but a few.

Is there something you wish you had done, if so now might be a good time to give it a go.

Feelings come and go, and so it may be that today is a really bad day for you, but tomorrow is a new day.

Above all else, remember you are not alone, there are people out there to help and support you.

You are valued and unique.