After what has a been a difficult week for my family personally, I very nearly slipped down that horrible dark spiral all over again, those feelings of 10 years ago.Feelings of devastation, grief, anger and utter sadness all clambering just outside my door, ready to engulf me.

The realisation that the acid drip feed of alienation rules, for now.

Same old questions running rampant around my head, what could I have done to make this situation better, how could I have protected my son from the pain and hurt, the truth is that nothing I could have done then or now would have made any difference at all.

It is a sickness in others that is like an epidemic, to make every possible effort in destroying others, including their own children. Damaging them beyond belief.

I spoke to someone this morning who gave me many words of support and comfort, someone who knows exactly the scenario we are all in, he said, ” The children are adults longer than they are children. Be patient.”

As adults they will realise that we are not hateful people, we are people who care, people who have never forgotten them.

Dads, Mums and Grandparents whose blood runs through their veins,who will always be there should they want them. People who really do have their best interest at heart.

As adults they will hopefully learn that life is not all about taking but is about giving.

You get out of life what you put in.

I will not allow others to bring me and my family to their knees once more, those who choose to alienate will one day have to face rejection themselves when the children start to work through it all.

There are 2 sides to every story, but then there is the truth.