Sometimes it is difficult running a support group, you hear so many sad stories of which you are powerless to do anything about.

And then you get a call from someone that makes it all worth while, and is a reminder of, why.

Some of you will know that we recently did an interview with ITV and some of BGSG were spoken to and shown putting the messages on their ‘Tree of Hope’.

I know how difficult doing things like interviews can be and are very emotional for all concerned, including Marc and I. We are eternally grateful to those who are prepared to take part.

So, back to the phone call.

Today a grandparent whom we have supported for many years rang to say this Christmas she had spent time with her former estranged adult child, and they had sat and watched the interview together. Her AC said to her, ‘Mum I didn’t know you cared, I thought you had forgotten us. I wish I had known, how wonderful,’ they sat and cried together.

So that is precisely why we do what we do, not all have a happy ending but those that do are priceless.