Dear …….,

Here we are again at this special time of year, a time for celebration and hope.

It is the 7th year since we have seen you, where have those 7 years gone, time passes so quickly.

When we last saw you darling you were a little girl, happy playing in the summer house, sticking and gluing things, planting sunflowers, so much laughter and fun filled the garden.Fantastic memories.

Of course now you are a young woman of 14yrs, no doubt no longer gluing and sticking!

I understand completely that you now have your own life to lead and to make your mark on the world, which doesn’t include us, always remember though if you need anything we will always be here for you. The door is always open.

We will be thinking of you tomorrow, but actually you are in our hearts every single day of the year, not just at Christmas.

It is impossible for me to try and write how important you are to us all, you are our eldest granddaughter, our only granddaughter and you always will be. You are a member of our family, loved by us all.

You may be many miles away but you are under the same sky, the same stars, a heartbeat away.

I hope that Christmas brings you everything you desire and that 2015 is a great year for you.

Bless you darling.