I understand that October 2nd has been designated Grandparents Day in the UK.

You can even have a special floral arrangement especially for GP’s day.

Sorry is I sound a bit cynical.

Of course being a grandparent is the most amazing thing, so precious and every moment should be measured.

I always worry about these ‘special’ days and the effect it has on the children who won’t be seeing their grandparents to celebrate due to family breakdown. Hundreds of children across the UK will no doubt be busy making cards at school for grandparents, but for those who have lost a grandparent either physically or through family breakdown it is a terrible time. Do they just pretend and go along with all the others, are they given an opportunity to talk to someone about how they are feeling?

Of course the same problem happens on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Why do we insist on putting the children through these difficult times, we don’t need ‘special’ days full of commercialisation, every day in any relationship is a day to be celebrated.

A loving smile, a tender touch and a caring hug is all that is required, these things are priceless.