As the frenzy of Christmas continues to build, we must remember that there are many thousands of people who will be spending Christmas alone, who will be missing those they love who are no longer with them.

Thousands of children will not be spending Christmas with one of their parents or will not be rushing round to see Granny and Grandpa.

The ethos of BGSG is always to focus on the children and how alienation is not only affecting them now but in the future.

How will these children deal with future relationships, adults in their lives have lied to them, sometimes neglected them certainly emotionally, once trust it broken you never get it back.

What happens when alienated children understand how they have been mistreated, how the revenge of one adult to another has denied them loving relationships with one of their parents and extended family.

The children turn their backs on the perpetrators of their loss. They make decisions for themselves and want nothing to do with them.

If you are a parent who thinks that your angst with your ex/family gives you permission to cause such hurt and destruction to a child, then please think again. What you are doing is inhuman on so many levels.

If you are a young person going through this or if you are an adult who is facing yet another Christmas alone,please remember you are not forgotten and you are not alone.