Yet again we have to hear that another Dad can no longer face life without his children.

The anguish and devastation of Parental Alienation is plain to see, for those of us who have witnessed our sons and daughters being cast aside in the most brutal of ways.

Never being given the opportunity to tell their children how they love and miss them.

How will these deaths be explained to the children?

Children who will forever have unanswered questions.

When I talk to people about the truth, the truth that non resident parents and grandparents are ending their lives as a result of alienation, they don’t believe it.

For  a parent or grandparent to believe that their children/grandchildren  have been told that they are not loved or cared about it beyond words, the damage is unmeasurable.

Never be quick to judge, unless you have walked in our shoes.

A post on social media said that -we can’t blame organisations or groups for non contact, we have no contact because parents can’t agree-

That post just shows they have no understanding whatsoever.

The people to blame, if we have to blame are those  who make a conscious decision to prevent children having a loving and caring relationship with both parents, a decision that is nothing to do with the child’s best interest.

My thoughts are with all the family and friends of the latest Dad to have lost all hope.