I am sure most of you will have seen the article in the paper on Thursday of this week.


At a time when it feels as though the tide is beginning to shift, this is great news, not only is it great news but it now sets a precedence.

In a letter I received this week from the Minister Lucy Frazer MP, where she says she is ‘carefully considering how the government can help,’ signs are positive, with caution, but so much further forward than we have ever been, once and for all getting the voices of grandchildren listened to. Time for those who withdraw contact to stop thinking of themselves but to do what every parent should do, and put the children first.

Allow the children to have a loving and caring relationship with their grandparents. (Unless proven safeguarding issues.)

I have been in contact with Nigel Hiddleston and Dame Esther already and I am sure that this information will by now be on the Minister desk!

We are still in Europe, and will be for some time to come during transition, as such we abide by EU law.

So, I look forward to the next step.