I was so sad to read over the last few days a blog written by someone with regard to the fact that June 14th this year was designated as ‘Grandparents Alienation Day,’ although started in America it was acknowledged all over the world.

As a result someone decided to write a blog about it, to say it was unsupportive would be putting it mildly.

It is when you read articles such as this, that you are reminded that we face an uphill battle in trying to raise awareness of this issue.

One person said it was ‘vile’ and indeed it was, how on earth do we get such opposing sides to come together to talk about alienation/estrangement , whatever word you care to use the result is that a child is prevented from having a relationship with people who love them deeply.

Many grandparents were deeply upset by what had been written.

I have learnt over 8 years that there will always be people who will write horrible stuff, people who absolutely believe they are right that grandparents are toxic and harmful.

We need to protect ourselves from this sort of thing, it causes enormous damage to very vulnerable people.

Although I felt it necessary to comment on the blog, I broke my golden rule, that is to not ever comment, to not read comments, and if possible not even read theses articles.