Today I read a quote , that sums up my feelings exactly and reinforces my belief that we have to live for today.

The quote was ” Spending today complaining about yesterday won’t make tomorrow any better!” thanks to If Everyone Cares.

When we find ourselves in the situation we find ourselves in, it is so easy to go over and over what has happened, repeating it to ourselves constantly, blaming someone, blaming the authorities, blaming society, just blaming.

As an observer I am acutely aware of the damage this does to people.

It is only natural that we try to make sense of it all, the truth is we never will, so to keep travelling down the path of bitterness and anger is not the way.

Not only does this damage the person concerned but it damages everyone around them, I try hard when giving support to not start the ifs and buts, but to look at the ‘and’.

When someone makes a statement followed by the word ,but, it is nearly always negative, so practising in using the word, and, instead can start a more positive thought pattern.

An example might be, ” I know I need to move on but, I feel so low and can’t think of anything else.” ┬áTo perhaps, ” I know I need to move on and I can by looking at all the good things in my life.”

We have had a stark reminder this week, that life is short and precious. Sadly a member of BGSG passed away after a long illness, she was a very brave lady who was surrounded with love and care from her son. I was able to visit her with another of our members when she came down to The Penny Brohn Centre for treatment, and her strength of character shone through. Our thoughts are with C……… at this very difficult time.

If you find yourself looking back today, please try to look at today, none of us know what tomorrow will bring.