It is interesting how often I am told how I should be feeling.

It is impossible to know exactly how any loss affects an individual, we all have our own personal ways of working our way through it.

As we know being denied contact with our grandchildren can be as a result of lots of different scenarios, and I am often told that it is much worse for those who have been estranged from their own children and as a result of that they are also estranged from their grandchildren.

It is not for me or anyone else for that matter to say which is worse.

Personally I don’t believe we should be looking at the scale of hurt we are each experiencing, hurt and bereavement is still just that.

It is so unhelpful in forums ect when one person judges another’s¬†feelings, the fact is that millions of parents, grandparents,aunts, uncles who have been alienated from children are going through unimaginable pain.

As groups of alienated families we should be supporting each and everyone equally, not  being judgemental.