Alienation of parents and grandparents is devastating to everyone involved, I have given up trying to work out where all this hate and abuse comes from and why human beings, our own family members can be so cruel, what have we all done for this to happen.

Presumably, at one time we have loved each other, nurtured our children  given them everything to keep them safe and secure, and yet something catastrophic happens for them to turn against us, to the extent they will hurt us to the degree everyone alienated experiences.

This is an excerpt of an email I had from a grandparent, and it is just one of many hundreds all saying similar things.

“I find it so, so difficult, I find I no longer can breathe it’s just too much hurt and pain, each day brings me heartache.

I am trying hard to move on, but each day just brings me down lower and lower, I pray one day to come to terms with it all and will be strong enough to get on with my life, as for the present , I die a little every day

I am lost to all this grief, I will die loving my grandchild.”

What can I say to make these grandparents better, they come looking for answers, I don’t have them.

To everyone who is going through this, you are in my thoughts everyday.

If there are grandchildren reading this, please remember that your grandparents love you deeply, and would do anything to have you back in their lives. You are only a heartbeat away, the same sky is above you both, the same stars, the same dreams.