A Day to Remember.

We came together, under one roof

People chatting, a feeling of expectation in the air,

Excited children, smiling and ready

The light dimmed and silence fell.

A grandmother, a little nervous,

Voice trembling, welcomed over 200 people.

Children, Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles,

Listening carefully.

Let the show begin.

Voices raise the roof, voices of care and compassion

Piano notes ring out, Scenes of Childhood,

Poems of days gone by read with joy

A granny who will wear purple and learn to spit!

The voices of children capture the hardest of hearts,

Quiet tears were wiped away

Magical words of a storyteller, words of truth and hope

A concert of joy and harmony

A Christmas tree, with messages of love, messages of hope

Just there as our beacon of light

A light to shine across to all grandchildren this Christmas.


(Rights reserved 2014)