Every parent and every grandparent just want to be involved in their estranged children/grandchildren’s lives, and most estranged children want the same thing, but adult stuff gets in the way.

I have no doubt that you all have closed your eyes and imagined how it will feel when those precious people suddenly arrive back in your life.

It could be  a friend request on Facebook, a new follower on Twitter or Instagram, how ever it comes, it causes the heartbeat to rise and beat just that bit faster, tears might fall, almost not believing your own eyes.

Of course there are those who say what about all those lost years, so many unanswered questions, but now is not the time for any of that.

When this time comes, live that moment, believe and embrace.

It will take time for trust to return, time for healing, time for rebuilding.

When a young person finds the courage to seek out a family member, we must be calm and not overpowering, this small step of reconciliation is fragile and needs nurturing.

Allow them to take the lead, allow them to come to you, in their own way, in their own time.

They may have just realised that what they have been told for many years about you, is not true.

This person who had apparently been some sort of monster for so long is actually just Dad/Mum/Grandparent/Uncle/Aunt ect, they are saying things that they have not heard before.

Their estranged parent/grandparent says they have never lived one second of their lives without thinking of them, they have loved them more than they will ever know. Their estranged parent/grandparent has ached for them every single day.

Allow these children to enter back into your live with an open mind and open heart.

Never give up hope.